No, too early to pick any. Just a few flowers, so the harvest is a long way away. But, I thought I would list the varieties I have this year, and then update it with more info as the summer progresses. I have a total of 21 tomato plants this year (13 varieties).
P1010229.JPGYellow Brandywine
from seed;

from nursery; prone to cracking, excellent taste, perfect for gazpacho; low yield, prone to tomato fuitworm;

Sidduth’s Strain Brandywine
from Seedsavers;

New Girl
from seed;

4th of July
from seed; excellent germination; high yield (although I never get close to harvest on 7/4, more like 7/18), long season; small-med fruits; resistant to tomato fruitworm; I plant several each year since they are so reliable;

carmello young.JPGCarmello
from seed; poor germination;

Sun Gold
from seed: med-large cherry (subsequent year volunteers have larger fruits); slightly tart, the last tomatoes in the fall (resistant to frost)

Yellow Pear
from nursery;

Beam’s Yellow Pear
from Seedsavers;

San Marzano
from seed; poor germination;

Green Zebra
from Seedsavers; slightly tart, grow them mostly because they are so incredibly pretty, not so much for the taste;

German Pink
from Seedsavers;

Cherokee Purple
from Seedsavers;

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