The pest theme continues today. I had planned on posting pictures of some recent deer damage (they ate all the leaves off my pear tree and even ate my sunflowers)! But, I happened to be outside last night after dark (there were strange noises coming from the forest so I thought I would investigate) and I decided to take a quick look at the garden to see if I could find any slugs. Ha! How naive I was! There were so many slugs that I quickly filled up a container of soapy water with them (which was recommended to me at the best method of disposal). It was amazing how many slugs there were.

When I closed my eyes to go to sleep late last night, all I could see were images of slugs slithering around my garden. In my exhausted state, I set the container of dead slugs on my front step and when I finally quit the slaughter. The poor UPS guy this morning sure got a eyeful.

I had been putting down some slug bait periodically, but apparently I’ve been wasting my time and money with that method! I had noticed some slug damage on my marigolds, and they had eaten my cumin seedlings, but I had no idea that I had so many slugs wandering around each night.

OK, now I am sure you are wondering what is up with the picture. Chris took a time-lapse photo of me slug hunting, and I was wearing a head lamp (which is very handy for hands-free slug hunting, I might add). So, all those bright spots are of me zooming around picking up slugs. We are going to try for a better photo on another night.

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