my cabbage, in its prime

The cabbage war is continuing. I was ready to declare victory, as I seemed to have the cabbage whites under control (or maybe they have been lulling me into a false sense of security before they completely obliterate my cabbage, it is hard to know). The new enemy is the striped flea beetle (a different variety of flea beetle than I have on my eggplant). Above is a photo of my cabbage when it was happy and healthy.

Below you can see the striped flea beetles and the damage that has been done already. I had no idea that so many bugs would be trying to eat my cabbage. I don’t even like cabbage all that much, but now that they are being attacked, I feel deeply, deeply attached to them. Mess with me if you want, but don’t mess with my plants!

the enemy, planning the destruction of my cabbagemy poor cabbage

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