squash bug eggs

I knew it was just a matter of time.

Each year I am inundated by thousands, perhaps even gazillions, of squash bugs. And each year, sometime in late summer, Chris finds me in the garden crazily stamping on squash bugs and yelling at them to go away. Sometimes he has to forcibly remove me from the garden. Sure, I know what you are thinking. I’ve gone on and on about the slugs, the flea beetles, the deer, the cabbage worms, the japanese beetles, etc., but this is different. It was the dreaded squash bug that killed my beloved zephyr squash last summer.

Concerned about my mental health (really, aren’t you all?), my friend Rhonda did a little research and suggested trying companion planting. Which is why I have lovely yellow and orange marigolds planted everywhere in the garden. They are under the squash, around the borders of the garden beds, even under the cucumbers. And up until this week, I had seen nary a squash bug. I was really enjoying not having them around. And I really like the addition of marigolds, which are the first plants I can remember planting as a child.

Today I found these eggs on my zucchini and yellow squash plants.

And then I found these newly hatched squash bugs.

newly hatched squash bugs

Here is a link to info on squash bugs, should you be waging the same battle. Unfortunately, in my experience, insecticides don’t help with squash bugs. I hope that the presences of the marigolds and knocking off the eggs will keep the population to a reasonable level this year.

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