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My favorite new dish is Carrie’s Comfort CousCous, which I discovered at Eating The Garden. My picture (below) doesn’t do justice to this delicious dish. I used fresh mozzarella, squash, and cherry tomatoes (the recipe is easily adaptable to what you have on hand) which melded perfectly with the basil and oregano seasonings. It is the perfect summer meal, helps use up those garden veggies, and definitely is in the comfort food category. The only drawback is that you need to use the oven, so you might want to plan this for a day that isn’t a scorcher (although I’m thinking that it has to be a record heat wave to deter me, now that I’ve tasted it).

I also made Heidi’s Special Zucchini Bread from 101 Cookbooks. Not only did I use up the extra zucchini from the garden (you can leave only so many “anonymous” donations at your neighbors’ doors), but this recipe is much healthier than ones I’ve used in the past. I once tried a “lighter” zucchini bread recipe, and it was terribly disappointing. This recipe produces a rich and flavorful bread, but uses whole wheat flour (yeah!), and more zucchini and less sugar than most other recipes.

And lastly, my new favorite drink is green iced tea. I always thought that I would have to brew it hot (and risk cracking my glass pitcher) or make sun tea (which I heard can be dangerous, and is also time consuming). I recently read (I think in Cook’s Illustrated) that you don’t actually need to do either, you can make a perfect iced tea by putting cold water in a pitcher with a few tea bags (I use four) and popping it in the fridge. I didn’t really believe this would work, but figured it was worth a try. Well, what do you know, you get a perfect iced tea in short order, with virtually no effort! This method also decreases any bitterness you might get with the hot-brewed method. And of course, a tall cold glass of green tea is the perfect accompaniment to zucchini bread or comfort couscous!

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