cherokee purple tomato platter

Above left, are Cherokee Purple tomatoes, which I am growing for the first time this year. I think they are gorgeous to look at, and are described as tasting “smoky, earthy, and sweet”. I’ve only had one, but thought it tasted somewhat flavorless and watery. However, I think it was overripe, as I have since read that you shouldn’t leave them on the vine too long, as they can lose flavor.

We had a little taste test one night with the four tomatoes in the picture on the right w/ basil, mozzarella, oregano, & olive oil (beautiful Italian plate courtesy of my parents). They are fourth of july, Beam’s yellow pear, sun gold, and green zebra. I liked the flavor of the sun gold and green zebra best (at least that night), with fourth of july as the next best. Of course, I might have different preferences for other uses, such as in gazpacho or pasta sauce.

There are many more to compare. To be continued…

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