black hungarian peppers

I think I’ve already mentioned that I’ve planted a fairly big crop of black hungarian peppers from seed. We had one plant last year and made a jar of paprika with it. We like a little kick in our cooking, so it was a nice supplement to the more common sweet paprika. This year I went hog-wild and planted a dozen or so seedlings, which are doing quite well (but falling on top of each other, as I ran out of stakes and cages).

trio of colors

The black hungarian peppers start off green, then turn black and stay that way for a very long time, before suddenly becoming a beautiful brilliant red. I was able to catch all three stages in the picture above.

hungarian peppers

I also have one plant of the sweet paprika (Alma Paprika, from the seedsavers exchange).

alma paprika

As well as assorted bell peppers…

green bell peppers

bell pepper

orange bell

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