baby strawberry plants

My strawberries are trying to escape. I knew that they would spread, but I had no idea that in the first summer they would spread so much and so quickly.


And I just noticed this morning that there are unripe strawberries already on the runners!

The picture below shows the strawberries (in the triangle beds) in May. They are now completely jam-packed in the bed, and runners are escaping everywhere searching for a spot of dirt. That is, until my neighbor comes over to extricate them from the garden path and take them to their new home.

May 22

As I was sifting through my early summer photos to find this one of the garden in May, I felt a little bit emotional. But I am not sure I could even properly name what I felt. Something like nostalgia, I guess, and maybe sadness that the garden is dying. But that doesn’t completely capture it. I think it has something to do with seeing the beginnings of the garden this year, and knowing what it turned into. There is something a little overwhelming in being able to know the whole story, to be be reminded of the entire arc, the complete progression.

Things change just a little each day, and being able to hold a whole summer in your mind, even for a moment, is amazing.

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