paprika, from black hungarian pepeprs

I finally got around to harvesting some more black hungarian peppers. I have been slowing drying the first batch for the past couple of weeks, and have been experimenting with a variety of techniques. I even tried pinning them on the clothesline to see if they would dry faster that way. It didn’t seem to work any better than any other method, but makes for interesting conversations with your neighbors.

I finally finished them off in the oven, and would recommend that as the easiest method. I set it to warm, and then turned the oven off and let the peppers slowly dry out in the mild heat.

black hungarian peppers

dried black hungarian peppers

Once they are dry, it is easy to take off the stems and shake out the seeds. Then I just grind them in my little coffee grinder, and the result is a pungent, spicy paprika. It took about 15 peppers to make the paprika in the picture at the top of the post.

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