garden in snow.JPG

This was probably the last snow of the season that the garden will see. Amazingly, many of the herbs have survived the winter (they don’t look great, of course, but they are still alive). I’ve got parsley and cilantro still growing, as well as sage and rosemary. The strawberries are sprouting new green leaves underneath the dead debris. All in all, it has been a mild winter. Of course, this is good for some of the perennials that we tend to lose (mostly lavender plants), but it probably means a buggy summer.

I sure have missed blogging! One of the tasks I still need to do is to recap the crop from last summer, and identify the plants I really loved (and those I wasn’t so thrilled with). Hopefully that will be posted soon. My long hiatus has left me a bit rusty when it comes to blogging. Spring is almost here (you can even hear the peepers at night if you listen closely).