I have lots of favorite plants in the yard. I have always had a fondness for herbs, and during the many years I lived in apartments, I would always have an assortment of large pots of various herbs on my patios. I would haul them from one apartment to the next, and lovingly care for them, despite the fact that I rarely used them in my cooking. The point was simply the process of growing them. When I was a graduate student, I finally was given a plot in a cooperative garden for a year or two after having been on a waiting list. It was there that I grew my first vegetables and started learning about gardening by simply trying things out and observing the results. I vividly remember picking the first ears of corn, and how excited I was to eat them.

Now that I am lucky enough to have a large garden, I find that I have a soft spot for one of the old trees in the yard. It is a dogwood that sits right outside my living room, and it is where I hang a bird house. I’m not quite sure why I feel like the tree is an old friend, but I love it. It isn’t perfect, by any means. It leans and droops towards the East and has some large white spots that grow on it. But sometimes is the most beautiful sight to see, such as when the blooms open in April or when a bright red cardinal sits on branches covered with snow.

We saw a few snowflakes mixed with the rain today. As I look forward to the first dogwood blooms of 2008, I thought I would post a picture (above) that my mother took of one of the dogwood blossoms last year. Isn’t it beautiful?

dogwood in snow.JPG