Growing broccoli has given me some of my most challenging pest problems. If you are interested in a recap and pictures of some of the pests, here is a link to my summary from the 2007 season.


This year I decided to give row covers a try, since broccoli is a big hit with the girls. I planted a whole bed (about 10 x 4) with just broccoli, and covered it with a row cover (one of those white gauzy ones that lets in the rain). I pretty much forgot about them after that, until it came time to harvest. The broccoli thrived, and I have been cutting off huge heads ever since.

Here is a picture early on:

And one from today:

I have had such a huge influx of broccoli that I’ve had to figure out what to do with it all. I am probably the last person on the planet to realize that roasted broccoli is amazing. If you haven’t tried roasting broccoli, here is a link to the recipe I made last night:

Roasted Broccoli Recipe

Be forewarned, it is positively addicting. No kidding. I made the recipe last night (8 cups of broccoli), and there are no leftovers!

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