beets squash mound

The garden is in Maryland, USA, and is comprised of a series of raised beds surrounded by a deer fence. There are seven (10 x 4 ft) rectangular beds and four (6 x 4.5 x 4.5) triangular beds.

I sketched out the design for the garden fence, and Chris (my wonderful husband) figured out the details and dimensions, and showed me how to build it (and helped, too!). Because we have a bit of a slope to our property, each section of the fence is leveled separately, as is each bed.

Blueberry bushes line the north side of the garden, and we are gradually adding new beds to the interior. Lavender and other flowers are planted around the outside of the fence, with sunflowers on the north side.

A picture taken June 8th:

garden in June (east)

And another one taken July 16th:

july garden view

Below: A picture of the garden taken from an upstairs window.  The deer eat cherries that have fallen on the lawn.

garden view, on a humid summer day