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big basket of cukes

I only devoted half a garden bed to the cucumbers (about a 4 x 5 foot area) and added a couple of short trellises for them to grow on. On Friday I picked 18, and our neighbor promised to pick them while we were gone for a few days. We spent three nights sailing, and came back today to pick 33 cucumbers.

If you have any cucumber recipes, now would be the time to share them! A girl can eat only so many cucumber sandwiches… I could use some inspiration. Normally I’d use them in gazpacho, but I have no ripe tomatoes. I’ve been dipping them in hummus, using them in salads, and just eating them plain. And of course, leaving “anonymous” donations on my neighbors steps. But faced with this basket of cukes, I need some help!

side view of cucumbers cucumbers

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Today is a special day, as we will be eating the first cucumbers tonight. It seems like there are dozens of little cukes happily growing, so we should have more very soon.

Also pictured, some baby zucchini. Got to love summer in the garden. Now, if we just had some tomatoes to go along with these…

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