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But, the good news is that the deer have been kept out by the partially finished fence. Most importantly, we have been enjoying lots of produce! Eggplant and broccoli have done better than I could have ever imagined. Perhaps due to the mild summer here in the mid-atlantic region?

We still need to add more cypress beds and finish the fence (and gates).





I decided my first post this summer has to be about the lettuce that planted itself and kept us in salads all spring (of course, a picture of my girls will soon follow!). Read the rest of this entry »


All my cilantro has gone to seed, and so it is time to harvest the coriander. Well, past time, actually, but that is the case with everything this summer. Once the seeds are dry, they just fall off the stalks when you brush them with your hand. I usually catch them in a colander, and then try to sift out the stray bits and pieces (easier said than done). Of course, many of them the seeds fall and start the next crop of cilantro. Cilantro is something we always like to have on hand (and I absolutely hate buying at the grocery store). Luckily it reseeds itself so easily that it is the perfect herb for the lazy gardener (which would be the appropriate title of my blog, now that I think about it).

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winter lettuce

Ok, I’m not talking extraterrestrials or anything. A couple of years ago I asked Chris to make me some covers so that I could continue to grow lettuce through the winter. He eagerly took on the challenge, and quickly created these. Somehow we started calling them “the spaceships”, and the name stuck. But now that I actually think about it, they don’t really look like spaceships, do they?

At the time, I wanted something I could move around the garden easily, whenever I wanted. These fit the bill perfectly, as they are light and easy to take on and off. Also, because you don’t want all your lettuce maturing at the same time, the size was just perfect for one batch. The plexiglass is curved to maximize the light coming in (although two sides had to be wood, for stability). I wish I had my act together this winter, and had taken a picture of the lettuce with snow on top. We’ve never had any damage from freezes when using these, and have been able to grow lettuce outside all winter long.

winter lettuce

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Buran Sweet Pepper

I sure have missed playing in my garden and taking pictures.

This “working for the man” thing can be such a burden. It was back to the good life tonight, though. Chris dead-headed the flowers while I wandered around taking a zillion pictures and getting bit by mosquitos. Then we BBQ’d some duck and ate this delicious pepper, and finished it all off with another watermelon.

Buran Sweet Pepper

Call me crazy (go ahead, I know you do), but doesn’t this pepper look, I don’t know, naked or something? I really think this pepper has a chance to become America’s Next Top Model. I mean, until we ate it.

And it tasted as good as it looked. It was a Buran sweet pepper that I got from Seed Savers Exchange.

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