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Growing broccoli has given me some of my most challenging pest problems. If you are interested in a recap and pictures of some of the pests, here is a link to my summary from the 2007 season.

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While we were eating dinner on our porch one evening, an envoy of slugs were dispatched in an attempt to open peace negotiations. I guess they didn’t take too kindly to the tactics I used to protect my garden from them (the soapy bucket method).

I think these slugs are pretty darn smart. After taking pictures of them, I couldn’t bring myself to do away with them. I did stop short of naming them, though. I can show some self-restraint.

So, I guess you could say there currently is a suspension of hostilities. They did make one tactical error, though. They sent very plump slugs, which sort of rubs in the fact that they are getting fat off my crops.


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the harlequin bug

It has been a while since I’ve written a post about a bug and my sometimes-gruesome attempts to protect my crops from them. Well, if you have been lamenting the absence of such a post, today is your lucky day! If not, you might want to check back on another day when I talk about a recipe or post a photograph of a flower.

Actually, there is nothing too gross here. Just a few pictures of my latest foe, the harlequin bug.

I noticed them a while ago, but couldn’t actually figure out what they were up to. I suspected they might be doing something inappropriate to my broccoli florets, but I couldn’t figure out what. And when questioned about it, they strenuously denied any wrongdoing. So, I took this picture and did a background check. Good thing I did. Read the rest of this entry »

berry picking

As you know, I have four blueberry bushes. I also purchased one red and one black raspberry bush this spring. The red raspberry is doing okay, the black one has been growing like crazy but has not set any fruit or flowers. I am suspicious that it is growing from below a root graft, and therefore will never fruit.

In the woods bordering our property, Chris noticed these berries growing. They are scattered on the edge of our yard and loaded up with berries. Four new baby berry plants have sprouted out of my old wood chip pile. I plan to dig them and plant near the garden. But I can’t figure out why the deer haven’t eaten all these berries. Any place my garden raspberries poke through the fence, the deer devour them, stems and leaves included. If I plant the forest berries, will they leave them alone?

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