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squash bugs, planning their attack

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zucchini bread.JPG

My favorite new dish is Carrie’s Comfort CousCous, which I discovered at Eating The Garden. My picture (below) doesn’t do justice to this delicious dish. I used fresh mozzarella, squash, and cherry tomatoes (the recipe is easily adaptable to what you have on hand) which melded perfectly with the basil and oregano seasonings. It is the perfect summer meal, helps use up those garden veggies, and definitely is in the comfort food category. The only drawback is that you need to use the oven, so you might want to plan this for a day that isn’t a scorcher (although I’m thinking that it has to be a record heat wave to deter me, now that I’ve tasted it).

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squash bug eggs

I knew it was just a matter of time.

Each year I am inundated by thousands, perhaps even gazillions, of squash bugs. And each year, sometime in late summer, Chris finds me in the garden crazily stamping on squash bugs and yelling at them to go away. Sometimes he has to forcibly remove me from the garden. Sure, I know what you are thinking. I’ve gone on and on about the slugs, the flea beetles, the deer, the cabbage worms, the japanese beetles, etc., but this is different. It was the dreaded squash bug that killed my beloved zephyr squash last summer.

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This is a pattypan squash I planted at the end May, and you can see that it isn’t exactly overwhelming me with its growth. On the other hand, below is a photo of a volunteer that I found along the walkway in the garden this spring. Actually, I found several seedlings that obviously were in the squash family, and I moved them over to the fence line. It has added a bit of suspense, wondering what they would become. Turns out one is a patty pan (obviously bigger and more productive than its intentionally planted sibling) and a few are ronde de nice.

squash volunteer

volunteer squash (ronde de nice)

pesto prep

I know, everyone and their step-uncle is blogging about making pesto from the basil in their garden. So why am I blogging about it too? Well, I happened to try the pesto recipe over at 101cookbooks, which was recommended by Gini. It is called, How to Make Pesto Like an Italian Grandmother. Who could resist that, especially if you’ve got basil growing in your garden and pasta in your cupboard? So, I tried it, and it was terrific!

I added some tender young zucchini. Didn’t even need to cook it, just put it at the bottom of a big bowl and then put the hot gnocchi right on top. The heat from the pasta slightly cooked the zucchini, and then I stirred in the pesto.

zucchini basil

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