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sisters picking strawberries

The girls are great strawberry pickers, and we have enjoyed lots of strawberry treats this year.

Ella wateringflowers

We water (sometimes the path or our sister) and pick lots of flowers for the house.

watching bees on the lavender

And we always take time to watch the bumble bees and honey bees, and thank them for their hard work.


baby strawberry plants

My strawberries are trying to escape. I knew that they would spread, but I had no idea that in the first summer they would spread so much and so quickly.
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We’ve only lived in this house for three years now, so each year there are lots of improvements.

Year one we added the first raised bed, year two we built the deer fence, year three we brought water to the garden. This year we added the new triangle beds in the center of four of the rectangles, and I planted strawberries in two of them. We are starting with 21 (it was supposed to be 25, but we seem to have been shorted a few). They have been planted only a couple of weeks, and are growing like crazy!

Also new this year: asparagus, cabbage, and raspberries (although we don’t expect many).

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