I have wanted to post a picture of these guys since I started the blog, and finally got some photos this year. I find it impossible to see these worms (they blend in with the plants perfectly) except when one of the wasps has laid its eggs on it. The first year or so that I grew tomatoes I had an awful problem with these worms eating them up and just devastating my crop. Luckily, their natural predators, the braconid wasp, came to the rescue. Since then we have not had any problem, as the wasps seem to find all of the hornworms and dispense with them (that is, by laying its eggs inside the worm, which then produce the cocoons you see in the picture).



Growing broccoli has given me some of my most challenging pest problems. If you are interested in a recap and pictures of some of the pests, here is a link to my summary from the 2007 season.

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Could this be alien vomit? That is my best guess. I feel like an idiot showing my ignorance, but I am hoping that one of you will explain why I keep finding things like this in my yard. Sorry for the gross picture!

mystery substance


This is how I currently manage to take the girls into the garden. I load up the double-seater wagon grandma got us, and we head out. The strawberries are a big hit, as the Read the rest of this entry »



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